About Westcoast Cloud 

Westcoast’s Cloud proposition is shaped around maximising your Cloud business. We make it simple for you to licence the full range of Microsoft products through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme, whilst also making available a range of additional Cloud services that complement the Microsoft product portfolio.

CSP enables you to go beyond just selling licenses and gives you the opportunity to be more involved in your customers business. You have the opportunity to own customer relationships end to end; from solutions, to support, to billing -leading you to have a constant recurring revenue stream.

As a Westcoast CSP partner we aim to maximise your Cloud business by:

  • Increasing your Microsoft seat count
  • Expanding your recurring revenues and margin opportunities
  • Providing unrivalled support in order to help you deploy, deliver and manage Cloud based solutions.

We are passionate about delivering excellence and we’ll ensure we are always on hand to help you take your cloud business to the stars. We will hand hold you through our six stage on-boarding process outlined below, devised to help you take full advantage of your Cloud opportunity.


The first thing we need to activate is your Cloud Account and your Westcoast Cloud Development programme status. Your development is paramount to us so we will immediately enrol you into our Cloud Development Programme – find out more about this here. This will focus on helping you advance on your cloud journey.

We will also set you up with a Westcoast Cloud account. This is specifically for all your cloud transactions, therefore not using up vital credit on your hardware account if you have one. Activating you within our Cloud Marketplace is also something we will look at, but don’t worry we will cover this in the ‘Automate’ stage.


Providing a Cloud service is all about flexibility, scalability and automation. To help you help your customers and enable flexibility we provide you with an array of automated tools, the first of which is our Westcoast Cloud Marketplace

Don’t worry, we are more than happy to hand hold you through your first couple of orders via this platform, but to take the first steps in seeing what the CSP Marketplace is all about, watch our quick 60 second video.


We are very passionate about CSP and offer various ways of sharing our passion, knowledge, experiences and general access to Microsoft information. We can provide all training that you will require to assist selling cloud services and integrated attached services, driving deeper customer engagement and greater profitability – so please just let us know what you need.

In order to keep up with the latest on everything Microsoft and Westcoast, MS Mix is your go to platform. From outlining the latest product announcements to highlighting the next incentive, make sure you keep MS Mix in your favourites.


To really maximise on the power of CSP we want to work with you and your teams to help guide you through selling and delivering end to end solutions. It will be our focus to educate you on providing solutions across the full Microsoft stack – the glue of the solution.

We will provide you with access to an extensive Cloud Portfolio, full with our most popular high selling cloud products and service that compliment the Microsoft stack.  We can provide you will marketing material, training and cheat sheets and free trials and demos.  Have a look through our vendors and let us know if there is anything that you like the look of or that will help you to deliver a full solution.


So you want to tell everyone what you can do … and we want to help you. To get going have a look at the range of resources that we have available to help you when speaking to your customers. Want something more bespoke? Speak with our Cloud team and let them know what you need.


With our experienced and dedicated Cloud Team, we can assist you on your cloud journey every step of the way. Whether you’re in the planning stages of integrating cloud solutions or you’re a seasoned seller looking to start a new project, we can help you on your way. We also offer regular sales and technical training, both in classrooms and online.

If you do require any additional information or want to set up a Cloud Account with us, give one of our dedicated Cloud team members a call today.

cloud@westcoast.co.uk / 0333 003 1701