GiG UK delivers an innovative close-edge public cloud to the UK market in a cost effective and user-friendly way. Using this 21st Century cloud, they are able to liberate both partners and end-users from their existing IT constraints, enabling them to run more profitable and efficient businesses.

GiG UK offers both packaged and bespoke Cloud Instances to suit all requirements. Charged monthly based on usage, provisioned instantly and fully customisable, GiG UK’s cloud service provides users with a truly innovative cloud product.

Services are deployed physically from a network across the UK providing three major benefits:

  • Cloud services can be deployed closer to the end-user than ever before as data will never leave the UK
  • Compliance, data sovereignty and network performance are guaranteed with GiG UK
  • The GiG UK human guarantee ensures dedicated UK-based service delivery managers enable access to the technology as quickly and easily

Comprehensive Enablement

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