Personalised online training for the world's 600 million knowledge workers.

Introduction to Filtered


Microsoft Office is a staple of the modern workplace and being proficient in programmes like Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook is a prerequisite for knowledge workers. If you’re looking to upskill your staff and increase their proficiency and productivity, Filtered’s Microsoft training courses will do just that.

Personalisation with Filtered …

End users competency levels will vary considerably. Personalized learning addresses this aspect of workforce capability by efficiently bringing only the relevant learning to the learner. By asking each user about their profile, aspiration, and proficiency, Filtered’s proprietary machine learning algorithm pinpoints skills gaps and filters out material that the user doesn’t need or already knows. This minimises time spent training, maximises the impact of learning and increases productivity.

As well acting as a personalised training course, it can also be used as a reference tool, by using the search function or syllabus navigator each learner can dip in and out of the training, accessing modules when they wish. Each module acts as a 5-7 minute chunk of bite-sized learning.

Shorter, more relevant courses.
Filtered won’t teach you absolutely everything, just what you need to learn. They do this by stripping out what you know, and what isn’t useful to you, using our US patented algorithm. Courses are shorter, more relevant and more effective.

Blended, bite-sized learning.
The modern worker has very little time. Shorter, more accessible learning chunks tend to suit that kind of schedule better and increase take-ups. Filtered’s trainees have 24/7 access to 3,000+ bite-sized modules – presented in a great variety of learning techniques, videos and exercises.

Test knowledge continuously.
Testing throughout the course ensures proficiency is achieved quickly and efficiently, boosting productivity sooner.

Manage time effectively.
L&D and HR managers monitor employees’ progress by accessing key metrics such as target IQ levels, time spent learning and modules completed. You can also customise each course based on business objectives.

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