Introducing the Westcoast Cloud Development Programme, a programme exclusively offered to Westcoast Partners in order to help you grow your CSP business. We want to support you during every step of your Microsoft cloud journey and have devised a tailored programme to support your business and accelerate your growth.

The below table highlights the range of ways that we will support you, whether you are at one star or four star level. From helping you automate your services through giving you a walkthrough of the Cloud Marketplace, to embracing your business needs by giving you an opportunity to have direct one-on-one engagements with vendors, we are committed to you as a Westcoast CSP partner.

As your CSP business increases you’ll move through the star levels and start to unlock additional benefits to further aid your cloud journey; we’ve even added some rewards in for good measure. 



Westcoast provide all customers with benefits, no matter where they are in their cloud journey. From start-up to master level, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We support all of our customers with everything they need to get going on cloud, with rebrandable marketing, training, and beyond. Once you’re a cloud master, we’ll treat you to Michelin Star meals, paid for accreditation exams, billing integration, and more.

To reach the varying levels here’s what you need to be doing:


For more information about the Cloud Development Programme, get in touch with the Westcoast Cloud Team.