Exceed expectations by educating customers on the benefits that hosted applications can provide, whether it’s the Microsoft Stack or one of our attached services.

The Microsoft Stack is the glue, the core of your client’s solution. Our range of attached services dovetail with the service you’re offering – whether that be Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 or EMS. Whatever your range of solutions, we can help to produce a bespoke proposal to enhance your customer’s efficiency, productivity and working dynamic.

It’s then all about the extra services you offer that make your business special.

Whether you’re looking to provide personalised training programmes for your end users, or searching for a means to integrate a simple storage solution into Microsoft Azure, Westcoast can help you to add that little bit more to your service offering, helping you provide a total solution that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Covering the complete Microsoft offering and products from a variety of carefully chosen innovative vendors, we can help you to really add value to the solutions you provide to your customers.

At Westcoast, we take pride in standing out from our competitors, but we take even more in helping you stand out from yours. Through a combination of Microsoft Applications and our range of Attached Services you are enabled to tailor solutions to the exact individual needs of your customers, so that you can deliver the best to help them be their best.

Westcoast Cloud is A Microsoft Partner