Whether migrating data to the cloud, installing a solution or integrating new technologies with existing infrastructure, we can help.

One of the most critical areas of any IT solution is deployment; ensuring that everything runs smoothly with minimum disruption and downtime is essential.

You are helping a business to open a new chapter in their history, leading them into the great unknown. With this in mind, it is vital that nothing goes wrong to hamper their early days in the cloud.That's why Westcoast are here to help.

From installation through to migration services, we have all bases covered. We even offer reseller training on deployment, covering all aspects, from integration and synchronisation, to change control management.

And it doesn’t stop there; integrating with existing infrastructure and current software can also be a challenge. How often is productivity hampered by flaws in technology? Those annoying gaps or inconsistencies across the operating environment, caused either because two different programmes don’t work well together, or because the technology being used is no longer fit for purpose. With the vast list of Westcoast Cloud services, and a fully trained team, we can help you to integrate systems, deploy hybrid solutions, and build ADFS clusters, so that you can put together a solution that meets the expectations and needs of your customers, every time.

Westcoast Deployment Services ensure that your customers hit the ground running from day one, boosting their productivity right away, as well as boosting profits for your own business.

Westcoast Cloud is A Microsoft Partner