Office 365

The foundation of a modern cloud solution, Office 365 is essential for any organisation that wants to move with speed and efficiency while being adaptable to change.

Nothing tells the story of the evolution of the workplace better than Microsoft Office, beginning as a suite of three products, and now almost 30 years later, Office 365 leads the charge for organisations operating within a cloud environment.

For a product that brings so much to an organisation, it’s difficult to be in the position where all aspects are being utilised in an optimum system, but this is where Westcoast can help. Through Westcoast you can offer the full suite of Office to customers through CSP as part of a monthly payment structure, but this is only the beginning.

With a large portfolio of value-add services, ranging from implementation and support services to those that increase security or the functionality of apps within Office 365, there’s no shortage of additional services that you can offer to end-users based on their individual needs.

You can find out more about the role Office 365 plays in CSP by watching our CSP webinar below. For more information on Office 365 in CSP and the attached services that go with it, click here to contact the Cloud Team.

  • One core product, lots of apps including Word, Excel, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and many more.
  • Work on files from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • A variety of value-add opportunities allows a tailored customer experience can be created, and increases recurring revenue.

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