With Westcoast, productivity is boundless. Encompassing Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Office 365, and beyond, we’re well-placed to set up a productivity solution that’s perfect for your customer.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive productivity solution for your customer, or want to know what this might include, then Westcoast can help.

All too often productivity is hampered by flaws in technology, which creates gaps or inconsistency across the operating environment. This can be because two different programmes don’t work well together, or because the technology being used is no longer fit for purpose. Upgrading systems can be daunting for an organisation, but it’s also an opportunity to adapt and grow.

Microsoft Azure can help end-users extend their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, where the growth opportunities are unlimited. You can virtualise environments, scale up and scale down your storage needs, and back up data from all over the world - to name just a few of the features available. On CSP, an Azure portal can be spun up in seconds, making it easier than ever to get started with this versatile cloud platform.

Westcoast can take care of every aspect of a new productivity solution for your customers, whether that means putting together a bespoke product bundle based on an individual customer’s unique requirements, or offering complete implementation, maintenance and support that you can white label as your own value-add service.

One example of a productivity solution can come with the design and implementation of a SharePoint intranet. The service can be sold as standalone, or more usually as an included app within the Office 365 Enterprise E3 or E5 suites. Westcoast can then work with your customer on your behalf as a white label service to discuss the requirements and formulate an implementation plan. From this example, a continuous touchpoint is developed through the potential for a support call, or a possibility of adding more features as the customer’s requirements grow over time.

To find out more about creating a productivity solution for your customers, email the Cloud Team.

  • A fully-personalised productivity solution highlights excellent customer and encourages repeat business.
  • Westcoast have a large portfolio of cloud services to choose from, so no matter what your customer’s needs are, we can help.
  • With a large team of Cloud Specialists, we’re able to offer round the clock advice and support.

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