400 million. Avast protects over 400 million users from cyberthreats
4 million. Avast blocks an average of over 4 million ransomware attacks per month
300 million. Avast protects users from 300 million visits to malicious sites
48 million. Avast prevents over 48 million cyberattacks daily
1.5 billion. Avast blocks an average of over 1.5 billion malware attacks per month
33 million. Avast blocks an average of over 33 million phishing attacks per month

Why is cybersecurity so important for businesses?

Over the past couple of years, many businesses had to quickly mobilize a remote workforce by providing users with new devices, support, access to internal systems, collaboration and productivity tools, VPNs, and more. Cybercriminals have quickly identified ways to find and exploit new network security gaps and vulnerabilities created by this sudden transition to remote work.


Advanced, more frequent threats combined with the unstoppable shift toward worker mobility, cloud-based servers, and cloud applications now require that modern-day cybersecurity protects beyond the four walls of the office perimeter.

How can Avast Business help?

Understandably, this can all be quite overwhelming for businesses to consider, but the important part is to start. Take small steps to identify any security gaps, find a reliable antivirus, get a cloud backup system to prevent data loss, and so on. Cyberthreats can be unpredictable, but the difference between being a victim of a cyberattack and surviving one is to be prepared before there is a crisis.


Avast Small Business Solutions are designed to deliver simple, powerful, and affordable online security that businesses can trust to keep them protected without extensive maintenance. Plus, you can choose between three levels of protection to get what works best for your business. Learn more about the features included in each solution — such as device protection, data protection, privacy tools, automated patch management, and more.

Why partner with Avast?

As a reseller, you’ll get access to cutting-edge technology, training, and dedicated support – all aimed at enabling you to profitably sell our security portfolio, which includes easy-to-manage solutions that will allow you to stay competitive, expand your offerings, and grow your business.

Generate strong revenue streams

Our cybersecurity solutions are comprehensive, yet simple to manage and install. They are designed for today’s modern workplace, providing total peace of mind. As a partner, you will build your business, generate strong, recurring revenue streams, and produce continuous protection for your SMB clients.

Stand out from the competition

With Avast, you’re not just another face in the crowd. Our cloud-based solutions are industry-recognized for providing security that SMBs can count on, and will add value to your cybersecurity portfolio. With continuous innovation and industry leadership, we are determined to become your #1 partner.

Team up with a reliable vendor

Our partner community is an extension of our team. Together, we reach new customers, deliver more effective outcomes, and accomplish collective goals. We strive to help you serve customers better and deliver the best solutions, helping you drive client acquisition and satisfaction, and grow your sales.