Cloud Partner Hub

Being a cloud service provider isn’t always easy. But having what you need at your fingertips makes it quicker and simpler to be responsive and knowledgeable to your customers.

That’s why we’ve created this partner hub.

Cloud Services are developing at breakneck speed. We’ve brought all the services and tools available for partners into one place, so you can easily pick and choose which services you think are right for your customers.

Training & Events

Learn your cloud

The more we share about how cloud service is changing and developing, the more we’ll all be able to achieve outstanding output for customers.

We put on regular training and networking events for our partners, so whether you’re interested in learning more about Azure, brushing up on Teams, or just want to know about new opportunities, click below.

Putting Cloud selling into action


Whether you’re interested in a specific product or solution, you’re focussing in a particular industry, or there’s a new topic you want to explore, it’s all here.

From videos to reports to infographics, you can pick and choose what’s relevant for your sector and your customers.

Westcoast Cloud Marketplace

Manage all your monthly Microsoft subscriptions in one place.

Westcoast Cloud’s Marketplace is an intuitive interface to manage your CSP customers easily and efficiently. So less time managing subscriptions, and more time getting new business.

Marketing support

It’s often said that there’s safety in numbers. But when you’re checking out your monthly numbers, how safe do they make you feel?

Chances are that even if your sales and marketing activity makes you feel safe as houses, there’s always room for improvement. In which case, you should be taking advantage of all the training and support we can provide.


Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) is here. It promises a fairer, more consistent service for partners, and greater flexibility for end customers.

But is that the whole story? Visit our NCE Centre to find out.

Become a CSP partner

License the full range of Microsoft cloud services through our Cloud Solution Provider programme and take advantage of a comprehensive range of additional support services.

Still have any questions?

We’re here 24/7 for any queries, so if you want to get in touch just hit the button below.