Fund your next success with Azure.

Westcoast Cloud wants to enable partners to reach their full potential with Azure related projects. Whether you have a Microsoft-approved Proof of Concept (POC) or are facing Azure migration challenges, we want to help push your initiative forward with additional funding.

Fill in the application form below to apply for funding for your Azure POC or migration project.

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  • Activities must be completed between Jan-Jun or July-Dec depending on the half year that the PO is issued in.
  • Applications will be reviewed at the start of each quarter for campaign/activity execution in the following quarter.
  • Activities must be completed in the half in which the successful application has been agreed.
  • Proof of Execution (POE) and activity metrics must be submitted before December 31st (if June-December activity) or June 30th (if January – June activity). Failure to do so will result in refusal of payment.
  • Partners are required to submit their sales revenue and opportunity impact post completion of the campaign.
  • A cap for funding has been instigated for different activities. Please, reach out to the Azure Team for more information.

If you are unsuccessful in your application, please remember to take advantage of other Westcoast Cloud support such as our monthly training sessions and bootcamps, PartnerOn with Westcoast Cloud (free digital campaign marketing tool), and technical and sales support.