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Whether you’re looking at what Microsoft solutions can do today or in the future to help improve working life, we’ve got something for you. 

It’s your choice

Don’t miss our Elevate Pathways events. To make sure that you and your customers get the most out of your day, we’ve split the event into two  categories – Intelligent Cloud (Azure) and Modern Workplace – with Business Apps as an optional add-on – depending on what you want to offer your customers. Within each category, you can also choose between two tracks to offer your clients the most relevant event. 

But don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything. You’ll still get a well-rounded, interactive experience to take your customers through.

For a more in-depth look at what each categories offers, click below.

All sessions will cover:

  • An overview of each product and what it brings to your customers’ businesses.
  • How it relates to their digital transformation journey.
  • Information about Microsoft’s positioning, and how it can help your own business.

How much do you want to see?

We’ve split our event into two categories. Category 1 is all about Intelligent Cloud and shows how Azure can help business plans today and in the future – either through the Azure Virtual Desktop or Azure Modernisation. Category 2 discusses Modern Workplace and how Microsoft can help improve employee experiences through better collaborations or enhanced security.

Our bonus track is an additional option that offers you the chance to delve into the world of business apps. If you decide to take part, you’ll take a closer look at making the most of in-house analytics or how you can organise and bring together all the different applications that you currently use.

Category 1

A closer look at what’s going on today – and tomorrow – with Intelligent Cloud

A lot of us are now making the most of hybrid working and Intelligent Cloud is making it even easier to switch between working in different environments throughout your week.

In this category, you have two options to choose from, depending on what you think your customers will want to focus on:

Track A: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

This cloud-based alternative to on-site remote access allows businesses to access and use all their most-used applications from almost any device in almost any location. In this track, we’ll share:

  • How other businesses and companies have made the most of AVD for their everyday activities.
  • How it’s so much more efficient than traditional Remote Desk Services options.
  • How your customers can use AVD to kickstart Bring Your Own Device initiatives, extend the life of their business devices and more.

Track B: Azure Modernisation

For those already using Azure, we’ll talk about how they can get the most out of them. By really getting to know the wider features, they’ll be able to transform their workloads and processes into more modern ways of working. We’ll look at:

  • Why moving away from IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to a PaaS (Platform as a Service) can be a good thing for workloads – as well as the other benefits it can bring.
  • Why working with a cloud-first partner is key for this journey.

Category 2

A glimpse into the future of with Modern Workplace

Over the past three years, many of us have become well versed in video calls, remote file sharing and the importance of being vigilant to increased cyberattacks. Modernising the tools that employees use makes them more efficient and keeps them – and your business – safe.

In this category, you have two options to choose from, depending on what you think your customers will want to focus on:

Track A: Microsoft Collaboration

While certain, erm, ‘speedy’ verbs may have entered the UK vernacular as shorthand for video calls, Microsoft Teams is the go-to for many businesses already on Microsoft 365 subscriptions. So, this track will help your customers get the most out of their membership, with tonnes of guidance, including:

  • How additional features – like, Whiteboard and Teams Premium – make working together more spontaneous and cooperative.
  • How it integrates and works with the wider Microsoft environment, such as Dynamics, Azure, SharePoint, etc.

Track B: Security

With more and more of us working in multiple places throughout the working week, cyber criminals have the opportunity to scam and work their way into secure and sensitive business data. Which is why this track takes a closer look at what SMBs can do, such as:

  • How Microsoft, as one of the most trusted security providers, can support businesses as they face challenges.
  • How Microsoft 365 Solutions can reduce costs and eliminate risks when it comes to protecting businesses.

Optional bonus track

Microsoft Power Platform

Different businesses rely on different software to get things done and run efficiently. But not everyone can afford the money or time to create personalised, bespoke models that exactly meet their needs. Which is where Power Platform comes in.

This set of low-code/no-code tools and services, means that anyone can build their own applications. So, in this track we’ll take you through how:

  • It can increase productivity and streamline workflows by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.
  • It can help businesses gain better insights and make more data-driven decisions by analysing and visualising data from various sources.

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