Say Hi to the new Microsoft AI – Microsoft Copilot!

Read about the what, why and how Microsoft Copilot is driving digital transformation with the help of its innovative features and industry-specific use cases.

Plus, in case you missed it, check out our exclusive interview on Copilot from our Coasting the Cloud Stream here, with Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist, Andy Porter. 

Andy took the time to deep dive into some of the key questions from our customers, specifically mentioning the purpose of Copilot.

Enter Microsoft Copilot...

Beyond basic assistance: A quick look at Copilot’s core capabilities

“Copilot gives you the sense of trust, you wouldn’t trust a flight without a copilot, it’s there to adapt and learn!”
In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are in a constant race to stay ahead. With the AI arms race in full swing, the last couple of years have seen a dramatic shift towards more agile and scalable cloud-native solutions.

A powerful AI coding assistant that’s already been adopted by over a million developers across 20,000 organisations 

Microsoft Copilot isn’t just another coding assistant; it’s your AI pair programmer. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced software developer, this advanced coding assistance turns natural language prompts into coding suggestions in dozens of languages. Here are some of Copilot’s top features:  

  • Combined power of large language models trained on billions of lines of existing code in various programming languages. 
  • Automated error detection and resolution to streamline debugging and identify and fix both syntax and logic errors in code. 
  • Deeply integrated into Microsoft 365 and embedded into the apps you use every day, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more. 


See the video here: Microsoft Copilot at work 

The strategic advantage: Why Copilot is essential for modern businesses.

As we all know, every second and every penny counts in today’s competitive business world, and Copilot offers a strategic advantage that’s hard to ignore. With real-time code suggestions and automated error resolutions, you can slash project cycle times and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a mere fraction of the time than you could compared to manually writing every line of code. 


But it’s not all about faster results; it’s also about better ones. By reducing the amount of time spent coding basic functions and debugging, you can allocate resources more efficiently. It’s not just a shortcut, however. Copilot is a valuable learning tool in its own right, helping citizen developers and professionals alike familiarise themselves with current best practices and new, more efficient methods of coding.  

Getting started with Copilot: Four tips for seamless integration.

Are you ready to embark on your Copilot journey? Here are our top tips for a hassle-free trip:

  1. Conduct an initial assessment and set goals: Before diving in, take a few moments to assess your current coding processes, and set clear objectives for what you want to achieve with Copilot – whether it’s speeding up development, enhancing collaboration, or anything else.
  2. Provide training and onboarding: While Copilot is intuitive, taking the time to familiarise your team with its features and functions will amplify its benefits. This could happen in the form of workshops, webinars, hands-on tutorials, or a more social format such as a hackathon.
  3. Customise to fit specific business needs: Copilot is undeniably impressive straight out of the box, but to get the most value out of it, you’re still going to want to integrate it as much as possible with your existing processes and platforms.
  4. Establish a feedback loop: Set up a system to let your team members regularly provide feedback on their experiences with Copilot, so you can easily identify areas in need of improvement and ensure that their use of the platform continuously evolves and adapts to your unique business needs.


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There you have it, a breezy yet informative flight across the exciting world of Microsoft Copilot. Remember, it’s always sunny above the clouds, especially if you have Copilot to guide you!

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