Having a robust security solution in place is a crucial element of any modern organisation. Westcoast have both the expertise and service portfolio to help with establishing a secure environment that will help protect your customers and instil confidence in you as a provider.

In an age where high profile hacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace, the importance of IT security can’t be understated. No matter how big the organisation, security must be unified across the whole workforce, because one error or lapse of judgement can bring a whole enterprise to its knees.

Microsoft’s Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) product suite gives you access to three high-security E3 or E5 products, in the form of Office 365, EMS, and Windows 10 Pro. From these you get added peace of mind with security features such as Advanced Threat Analytics, Windows Information Protection, App Locker, and Azure Active Directory premium for multi-factor authentication. Learn more about SPE by clicking here.

On top of the Microsoft offering, Westcoast also offer value-add services that cover a range of security best practices. This includes services that can ensure that your customer is GDPR-ready and continually compliant with the latest requirements in security. For example, enterprise-level threat and vulnerability assessments allow a customer to know when outside sources try to gain access to their systems, and infrastructure testing makes it possible to identify where holes in security are through phishing tests.

Advanced anti-malware and anti-virus email protection is also available, as well as end-to-end email encryption to make sure that data is as secure as possible.

To find out more about the benefits of SPE, take a look at our on-demand webinar below. You can also contact our Cloud Team to find out more about a security solution by clicking here.

  • SPE provides access to the top flight of Microsoft products in one discounted bundle.
  • Includes formidable security features across Office 365, Windows 10 Pro and EMS.
  • Westcoast have a range of additional services covering a vast range of requirements.

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