Prevention is better than a cure. We’ll keep your customers ahead of potential threats through our expansive services portfolio and security expertise.

In an age where high profile hacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace, the importance of IT security can’t be understated. Having a robust security solution in place is a crucial element of any modern organisation, and Westcoast have both the expertise and service portfolio to assist you in establishing a secure environment that will help protect your customers and instil confidence in you as a provider.

What can we do? From enterprise-level threat and vulnerability assessments, to infrastructure testing and advanced anti-malware/anti-virus email protection and encryption, we can help to ensure your customers are GDPR-ready

No matter how big an organisation is, security must be unified across the whole workforce, because one error or lapse of judgement can bring a whole enterprise to its knees. Our Security & Compliance solution has been created to prevent that from happening.

Security is currently the number one priority for the majority of businesses. Help your customers stay ahead of potential threats with Westcoast Security & Compliance.

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