The Westcoast Cloud Team
March 30, 2023

Teams Premium: The platform that makes every meeting count

While in-person meetings are making a comeback, many companies are sticking to a hybrid work model. But in times of economic uncertainty, they’re looking to get more bang for their buck on IT investments. Now more than ever, they need cost-effective tools to become more efficient and re-energise their people.

Luckily, Microsoft is always bringing new productivity solutions to the table – and as usual, we’re bringing those solutions to you. Their latest invention? Teams Premium. It’s a new offering that builds on the current Teams experience with extra features to make meetings more smart and secure. Here’s what it can do for your customers.

A personal touch to every conversation

Meetings aren’t just about what you say, but where you say it. For example, you wouldn’t present a pitch in a coffee shop, or host a one-on-one in a busy foyer. And yet, when people schedule online meetings, they tend to just use the default setting without thinking.

With Teams Premium, your customers can set the right mood for every meeting at the touch of a button. All they need to do is choose a meeting guide – like a client call or a catch-up call – and the tone will automatically be set. But that’s not all: users can also create a custom-branded meeting lobby and background for a more fluid and professional experience.

Working smarter, not harder

Over the course of the pandemic, the average worker saw a 252% increase in their weekly meeting time. That might not come as a surprise to you – we all know what it’s like to sift through recordings and jot down notes, rather than focussing on ‘real work’.

That’s why Teams Premium features intelligent recap, which uses AI to automatically generate meeting notes, key takeaways and recommended tasks. Intelligent recap also divides recordings into sections, so it’s easy for people to find content that’s relevant to them. And if workers leave a meeting or join late, they can get a quick summary of what they missed.

Making sure meetings are safe and secure

Virtual meetings are easy to set up – and they can be just as easy for hackers to hijack. That’s why confidential information shared in board meetings, financial discussions, and product innovation sessions needs to remain protected.

Teams Premium provides an added layer of security to give your customers peace of mind. With new features like watermarking, meeting organisers can display a unique watermark over all screen shares to deter leaks. And for really private meetings, users can apply end-to-end encryption for maximum security.

If that wasn’t enough, Teams Premium integrates perfectly with Microsoft 365 E3, so you can sell both together! E3 customers can use their Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels to set relevant Teams meeting options. This makes it even easier for them to keep discussions private – all they have to do is choose an existing sensitivity label and the rest is all automatic. Note that this feature is only available for E3 customers with the Advanced Compliance license.

Ready to tick all the boxes?

So you want to help your customers protect their information, make every meeting count, and save a ton of money. By now, you’ve probably realised that Teams Premium is the best way to do that. It’s certainly a big step up from the standard Teams offering. Sell this solution, and you really can give your customers everything they need for a ridiculously low price.

But first – be sure to get in touch with us. We’re here to help you grab this opportunity with both hands and get as many customers on board as you can. Just drop us an email at, and we’ll take it from there.