The Westcoast Cloud team
April 29, 2021

The new way to transact CSP: Azure Plan is changing

We know nobody likes change, but we promise this’ll be worth it. Because we’re determined to make our partners’ lives easier, we’ve made some improvements to our Azure Plan.

What is Azure Plan?

For those of you who aren’t using Azure Plan, it gives your customers access to Azure services at pay-as-you-go rates. It makes purchasing easier, and partners can have multiple subscriptions in one plan without needing to submit separate orders.

The important stuff

Cost management and billing

A key addition is the inclusion of cost management and billing features so you can easily access real-time information about costs. You’ll also be able to set up alerts about accumulated costs, monthly budgets and overage information. And there’s a new feature which shows you advisor recommendations so you can make the most out of the platform.

Simplified pricing

Pricing also just got easier. While billing from us will still be in GBP, there’s now a single USD price list and any invoices will show as a single item. Costs can fluctuate with exchange rates, but the change should prevent multi-geo providers being able to offer cheaper rates.

Transfer process

You can do everything via our web portal, and we’ve cut down the process so there’s no need for paper forms or end user signatures anymore. Once you submit a request in the Partner Centre, all parties will be updated every step of the way – with no need to wait for Microsoft support to respond.

You can order Azure Plan through us at Westcoast Cloud. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with your account manager or our Azure team on