Liam O’Brien
May 10, 2021

Yes, you do have time for a new CRM

“I don’t have the time, skills, or budget for a complicated, lengthy and expensive deployment.”

We hear this a lot from our partners whenever we talk about implementing a new CRM.

We understand these concerns, especially if the previous CRM was a patchwork of spreadsheets.

So instead, we ask if you have the time, skills, and budget for quick, easy, and affordable deployment? Because that’s what we’re talking about here.

If your employees know how to use Office, they know how to use Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. And Dynamics works inside apps like Excel to streamline workflows, freeing your sellers from being buried in spreadsheets and giving back their precious time.

It’s also easy to implement and maintain. Start simply with just the features that your sales teams need now.

  • Get up and running in hours, using your existing Microsoft 365 settings.
  • Use pre-packaged applications with role-based setups and easy configuration.
  • Add more advanced capabilities as needed, from predictive lead scoring and LinkedIn integration to marketing and customer service.


New work, new tech

With new ways of working well underway, there’s never been a better time to adopt new technologies. A sales tool combined with a remote work solution like Microsoft 365 is perfect for modern environments. And, once again, it’s quick and easy to deploy.

You can work with CRM information such as customer records, sales content, reports, and updates directly within Microsoft 365 apps like Teams and Outlook. From here, it’s easy to share a sales presentation or schedule a review meeting – in just a few clicks, without switching applications.


Do you need Dynamic Sales Pro?


Can your sellers gather valuable insight from your prospects?

Not about the weather, their favourite TV show, or their pet hamster’s birthday. Building a personal rapport is great, but no one wants to see customer notes filled with incidental information.

“Oh, the last time we spoke, you mentioned you were riding your bike to Bath. How did that go?”

Come on mate, that was three years ago. There’s no way you remembered that from a two-minute conversation. It’s just not genuine.

I’m talking about intelligent insights like predictive lead-scoring within Microsoft Teams – a productivity hub for file sharing, conferencing, calls, and chatting with plenty of propensity-to-buy data right at your fingertips.


Are your sellers overwhelmed by too many sales tools and flipping between multiple apps to close deals?

They shouldn’t be.

With Dynamic Sales Pro, teams can work together on sales documents, manage schedules, and host meetings in one place. You can find customer engagement records, sales insights, and alerts from inside your Outlook account. And building quotes, adding contacts, updating opportunities, and managing leads all takes place within the Dynamics pane of your Outlook client too.


Can your sellers drive customer engagement with contextual sales data?

Ok, that sounds a bit too much like jargon. So, what does it really mean?

In other words, can your sellers shorten sales cycles with the guidance provided within sales records? If not, Cortana has your back. It can automatically remind you to get back to a customer or chase up and close a lead.

Your sellers may not forget to keep nurturing the big opportunities, but the smaller ones can easily slip through the net. Those small sales may not be worth much individually, but collectively they could be the difference between hitting target and failing. And with Cortana in your corner, you could be hitting target more often than not.

Dynamic Sales Pro also gives you a complete view of the customer so sellers can create more compelling, personalised emails within Outlook. (Though maybe steer clear of bike trips to Bath and hamsters’ birthdays).


Are your sellers working remotely or a hybrid between the office and home?

Right now, everyone is.  That’s why Dynamics Sales Pro is so perfect for today’s way of working.

Download the apps you need within Teams, and you can work from anywhere without switching between apps for different data. It’s all right there, in one place.

There’s no need for a separate telephony system either. Just click to dial, straight from your phone. Enterprise video conferencing from the palm of your hand is the icing on the cake.


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